A Supurb Blurb About Verbs. 

Pure dialogue in a Bikram Yoga class is very precise. Step by step, it tells us what to do, how to do it, and the effect of doing so. Actions that create benefits. It’s a prescription. A path.

The action words are verbs. There are a lot of them. Pull. Kick. Step. Lift. Charge. Change. Be.

Dialogue too, as a word, is a verb.

dīəˌlôɡ 1. take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem.

In class, it is an active conversation. An exchange between us. Back and forth, give and take, call and response.

The exchange is my mind, and your body. You don’t have to think.

Concentrate and meditate.

Posture Tip – Standing Bow Pulling


We aren’t racing in on horseback to overtake the enemy cavalry. It’s not about speed or momentum.

It’s Strength. Control. Dynamic Tension. 

Work it, the sequence, step by step…

“Charge (strength) your body forward kick your leg back and up (dynamic tension to balance (so you can)), bring your body down UNTIL your abdomen and chest are parallel to the floor.”

When the body is down, the heart rate is up and you’re getting the benefit, so,  “Continuously keep kicking your leg up as hard as possible” (gas pedal).

Try the right way and it works.

“Your foot should be coming up over the top of your head in the mirror. Both feet should be in one line from the side.”

This is not for you.

Sometimes in class you will hear an instruction in the dialogue, and you are already doing that instruction. Then what?

Then, that instruction is not for you. Then, it’s a checklist.

“Hips more forward, upper body back more, weight in the heels.” Check, check, check.

If you were to do, you would overdo.

Don’t overdo.

Posture Tip: Half Moon


After bending to the right, continuously push your hips to the left beyond your flexibility.

It’s the pushing of the hips that turns bending into tremendous stretching.

At the end of the posture, come down and push, and push, and push…your hips.

Don’t ever bounce, push your hips.


Chiropractors will manipulate and adjust you.

Acupuncturists will work on your meridians with needles.

Doctors will give you a checkup and perhaps a prescription.

Massage therapists can work out your muscles.

They are all useful and can be a wonderful part of your wellness team.

What I love most about Bikram Yoga is that you do it yourself. 

If you have chronic pain, injury or illness, you can create positive changes to your well-being. 

Nobody is going to do it for you. Just you. Toes on the line. Making it happen.

That’s Empowerment.

Posture Tip-Savasana

If you are every lying on your stomach in Savasana and find yourself looking at someone in the eye it could be 1 of 2 things.Version 2

1-Its true love.

2-You’re just facing the wrong direction.

Listen Up

Hearing is a gift. You can’t improve it, it can only degrade over time.

However if you can Hear, you can Listen. And that you can improve.

Listening is a skill. A skill we all strive to get better at.

At the start of class, I will often ask my students to “Please listen very close, and try your very best.”

There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth.


Version 2Posture Tip -Locust Pose

Don’t Compromise Technique For Depth.

Locust is practiced with the knees locked and feet together.

The student on the left gets 100% benefit of the pose. On the right, the benefit is lost. In the back, a 7 year old making faces at her sister.

Note-Ruth gets a pass on her feet apart here. She is deaf and was still on her intro month.


The best dancers don’t start off dancing.

They start by working a routine, step by step, mastering each move with pinpoint exactness until each step is practiced and precise.

Only then, with body conditioned and mind relaxed, can a dancer truly dance.


Posture Tip – Awkward

Stand up on your toes maximum like a ballerina! Mhmm…

That photo is me showing off. #lookatme

I can only do it for about 8 seconds. It’s not sustainable, and it’s not how I practice in class. It’s exaggeration. It’s exercise.

Don’t do so much Yoga that you are no longer doing Yoga.

#2 Pencils

Imagine for a moment, I had a #2 pencil and I asked you to Grab it.

Now Hold it. Now Grip it.

Now imagine it’s not a pencil at all, but your foot and you are in class. See the difference?

Grab it like you mean it. Hold it like a baby bird. Grip it like something you hold dear to you, and don’t ever lose your grip.

Don’t settle. Try the right way and be a #1 pencil.

Posture Tip-Standing Head to Knee & Standing Bow Pulling 

Version 2

In both postures first you have to Grab your foot. For the beginner, its hard to do, so don’t think about it just Grab it. If you think about it, you might convince yourself otherwise.

Then you Hold it. That’s the ultimate destination. Very little weight of the foot in the hand. Hold it like a baby bird.

What’s it for?

No one has ever walked into my studio and said “Hey,  I’d like to join. I have a goal of touching my forehead on the floor and I heard this is the place to do it.”

It doesn’t happen. That’s not what it’s for.

We started for our bad knees, bad backs, bad attitudes, broken hearts, loose screws…you know yours.

Not to touch our exactly foreheads on the floor and then #showeverybody.

What’s it for?

Posture Tip: Kapalbhati Breathing

img_8841Make sure your arms are straight and elbows locked, so your spine stays straight while you relax the entire abdominal wall.

Those abdominal muscles help support our spine, but they must be relaxed here so you can pull your stomach in and out and effect the diaphragm.

Now you can blow very strong, and the inhale happens automatically.

Thanks diaphragm.

Ps if you’re 7 years old you can do it before the dentist to make it less scary.

School vs Yoga

School Teaches Us failure isn’t an option. Satisfactory means you are on the cusp of ineptitude and might not make it.

Good is never good enough.

Bikram Yoga Teaches Us failure is essential. You cannot affect great change without the risk of failure. Satisfactory will get you all of the available benefits, if you try the right way.

Too good, is no good.

Posture Tip-Eagle Pose

Version 2

If you pull your elbows down towards the floor, until your fingertips go below your nose, you will likely never stop trying, thus always getting the benefit of stretching the upper back.

If you lift your chin, or crank your wrists to get the fingertips below the nose, you lose that benefit.

Your Standing Head to Knee will thank you.

Who are you?

This blog is for Bikram Yogis. You know who you are. Or do you?

This is why we practice.

fulfillment of one’s own potential

Posture Tip: Spine Twist

In the set up, look down, to make sure your knee, hand, and the heel, all 3 things are touching each other, at the same senlight1-1pot, on the floor.

Keep looking there.

Now, when it’s time to look over your shoulder and twist, your chin is in the right spot.

Over the shoulder.