It Is What It Is

Bikram Yoga is…

A 90 minute therapeutic hatha yoga sequence consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, performed in an environment heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

The 26 postures work the whole body – every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, and internal organ, including the heart.

The sequence was created for people with chronic pain, injury or illness, and is designed for beginners to balance and strengthen all the systems of the body creating optimal health.

From innumerable personal testimonials to scientific research studies from the likes of the American Council on Exercise, Colorado State University, and Massachusetts General Hospital to name a few, the benefits of the Bikram Yoga series of 26&2 have been proven time and again.

Brought to the US over 40 years ago, it was the first of its kind, and thus is the foundation upon which all other hot yoga styles were created.

The original healing hot yoga.

That’s what it is. 


Her name is Ann Marie. She’s been doing yoga for 50 years, Bikram for 10. I’d tell you her age but I know better.

When Ann Marie broke her kneecap, she took some time off to let the swelling subside. But mostly because she couldn’t make the hours drive to class.

She’s back now, 4-5 classes a week, doing her practice in a chair, and holding onto the yoga bar for help when she needs.

She is healing, happy, healthy, and back to her tennis game.

Ann Marie is our most senior student, an inspiration to us all, and we love her.


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