Screw It

One of the benefits of Bikram Yoga, is that it tightens our loose screws.

Screws are tricky business.

Nails are easy. Take a hammer and beat them into the wall. Done.

Screws are more complex. Even just starting one takes concentration. Only consistent and controlled pressure will work it into the wall. Too hard or too fast, and it’s stripped of it’s grip.

Go Slow. Be Consistent. Concentrate.

Try the right way.

Don’t lose your grip.

Studio Tip –

This is Riley. You’ll see her around. It’s hard to define her job exactly, however she does important work at the studio.

img_8817-1She’s always up to cheer from the lobby for postures well done, or root for those struggling too much. She’s the only girl allowed in the boys changing room, and she never, ever, misses final breathing.

The tag on her collar reads “loved by all”. And so it is.


One thought on “Screw It”

  1. Along with all my teachers Riley is a wonderful greeter and makes me smile at the end of class as she watches final breathing!


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