Like Water

Water needs to move.

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria, it accumulates debris, changes Ph…all things that render the water unhealthy.

Moving water is healthy…cleansing, oxygenated, pure, vital for life.

Adult human bodies are approx 60% water.

Get to class.


Class Tip-Hydration

Bikram Yoga will always be a more pleasurable experience if you arrive hydrated. So how much water should you drink ? There is no perfect answer that suits every body. Version 2

It is part of the learning curve of a Yogi who practices their craft in a hot room, to figure it out. To figure out how to take care of yourself. To listen to your body.

It will tell you everything you need to know.

If you’re thirsty, drink your water.

This is not for you.

Sometimes in class you will hear an instruction in the dialogue, and you are already doing that instruction. Then what?

Then, that instruction is not for you. Then, it’s a checklist.

“Hips more forward, upper body back more, weight in the heels.” Check, check, check.

If you were to do, you would overdo.

Don’t overdo.

Posture Tip: Half Moon


After bending to the right, continuously push your hips to the left beyond your flexibility.

It’s the pushing of the hips that turns bending into tremendous stretching.

At the end of the posture, come down and push, and push, and push…your hips.

Don’t ever bounce, push your hips.

Let’s Face It

Bikram Yoga is not easy. We all struggle in class. It’s the struggle that reveals our strength.

Not only do we have to struggle, we have to watch ourselves as we do.

We have walls of mirrors to ensure it.

Imagine for a moment you saw me, struggling in class. What would you feel? Empathy? Kindness? Compassion?

And what if you saw yourself struggling?

Be Kind To Yourself.

Shout out (love) to my Karma Yogis who keep the mirrors at my studio extra clean, so that our students can always see how amazing they are.

Class Tip

When I was a kid, my Dad would tell me that if I kept making that twit face evbikramwilmy-55-copyery time I was upset, it would freeze, and I would look like that forever.

Relax your face.

I don’t wanna be held responsible if you’re forever walking around town with Full Locust Face.



Chiropractors will manipulate and adjust you.

Acupuncturists will work on your meridians with needles.

Doctors will give you a checkup and perhaps a prescription.

Massage therapists can work out your muscles.

They are all useful and can be a wonderful part of your wellness team.

What I love most about Bikram Yoga is that you do it yourself. 

If you have chronic pain, injury or illness, you can create positive changes to your well-being. 

Nobody is going to do it for you. Just you. Toes on the line. Making it happen.

That’s Empowerment.

Posture Tip-Savasana

If you are every lying on your stomach in Savasana and find yourself looking at someone in the eye it could be 1 of 2 things.Version 2

1-Its true love.

2-You’re just facing the wrong direction.

Listen Up

Hearing is a gift. You can’t improve it, it can only degrade over time.

However if you can Hear, you can Listen. And that you can improve.

Listening is a skill. A skill we all strive to get better at.

At the start of class, I will often ask my students to “Please listen very close, and try your very best.”

There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth.


Version 2Posture Tip -Locust Pose

Don’t Compromise Technique For Depth.

Locust is practiced with the knees locked and feet together.

The student on the left gets 100% benefit of the pose. On the right, the benefit is lost. In the back, a 7 year old making faces at her sister.

Note-Ruth gets a pass on her feet apart here. She is deaf and was still on her intro month.

To Be Kings pt1

Imagine a Tree. A Yoga Tree.

There are 8 limbs on the Tree, and as outlined in the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, they make up what is called Raja Yoga.

Sanskrit to English, Raja means Royal, King.

Raja Yoga, the King Yoga, is control over the mind and emotions.

In Bikram, there are 5 of theseimg_7205 qualities that we develop.

  • Faith
  • Self Control
  • Determination
  • Concentration
  • Patience

In that order.

These are the things that can change us the most.

My Office Is 105F.

I run a blacksmith’s shop. We take steel, and with it we make swords.

With the right tools and a bit of effort, steel can be bent, twisted, and stretched into many different forms. The first tool you need is heat. Hot steel becomes pliable, malleable, changeable.

Too little heat, and it remains stiff and ungiving.

Too much heat, and it loses all strength, unable to be worked.

Our swords are the finest quality available.img_6914Sharp, straight, unbreakable and true.

Sword Maintenance

A consistent practice is the best.

A sharpening and realignment 3-5 times per week will yield the greatest results.

Stop by the shop anytime.

We are here to serve and open everyday of the year.